Paulo Coehlo (Happy New Year!)

 ”He who fails to plan is planning to fail”- Winston Churchill

So you’re sitting down in Starbucks, sipping on your latte and staring at your grades on your laptop. While they’re passing, they’re not exactly what you set out for at the beginning of the semester. What happened between September and December that made you fall short? Or maybe you just got a call from a friend that just scored an awesome job or internship and you’re wondering why that isn’t you suiting up for the first day. Or if you’re like me, sometimes you might have a messy bedroom that you can never seem to get through cleaning. The smart thing to ask yourself in these situations is:

Did I have a plan?

Now if you say to yourself “Duh, I planned to get an A” or “Pshh, I plan to get that dream job sometime in the future” or “Man, my room will get clean eventually”, not to be mean or anything, but SHUT UP. YOU’RE WRONG.

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